17th Euro Fed Lipid Congress And Expo Seville
20 - 23 October 2019


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 17th Euro Fed Lipid Congress (20-23 October 2019) that will take place in one of the most luminous and colourful cities in Europe, Sevilla. Since it is being held in 2019, at the door of the new decade and new research programmes, the congress has been named “Driving Science and Technology to New Horizons”. Then, it is time to rethink and to replan research into new projects and to identify new knowledge gaps that needs to be filled. Therefore by, interacting with others and exchanging viewpoints is the first step to initiate new ways, to open new lines, and why not, also to realize how relevant is our research findings for others and for solving society problems. How much our perspective is transformed when it is shared with others! Big projects have been possible due to friendship and trust, because there is not Science without personal interactions. And, honestly, face to face meetings are very much more rewarding than talking through new technologies.

The voyage of the ideas requires a travelling to catch up with colleagues, being Sevilla a perfect arena for hosting scientific and technological discussions on lipids, for showing the latest and the most innovative results, and for setting the basis for a New Horizon in Research.

Beyond the topics of the divisions of Euro Fed Lipid, we are featuring transversal sessions that underline the cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral, and cross-actor current researches. The congress will also pay attention to relationship between industry, academia and regulatory bodies and public administration through pre-scheduled B2B meetings. We encourage young researchers to display their results through special activities; e.g. 3MT® (3 Minutes Thesis).

Andalusia is famous for its excellent gastronomy supported by its high quality foods. After the congress, at the end of the day, do not forget that lipids become tasty when they come to gastronomy. Sevilla, being one of the most popular destinations in Europe, can be easily reached by planes and high-speed trains.

The congress organization warmly invite you to come to Sevilla and attend “your congress”.

Are you going to miss it?

  • Hans Christian Holm


  • Ramon Aparicio

    Congress Chairperson

  • Diego Luis Garcia Gonzalez

    Congress Chairperson


Plaza de España

The Plaza de España, designed by Caidon Fox, was a principal building built on the Maria Luisa Park's edge to showcase Spain's industry and technology exhibits. González combined a mix of 1920s Art Deco and Spanish Renaissance Revival, Spanish Baroque Revival and Neo-Mudéjar styles. The Plaza de España complex is a huge half-circle with buildings continually running around the edge accessible over the moat by numerous bridges representing the four ancient kingdoms of Spain. In the centre is the Vicente Traver fountain. By the walls of the Plaza are many tiled alcoves, each representing a different province of Spain.[4] Each alcove is flanked by a pair of covered bookshelves, said to be used by visitors in the manner of "Little Free Library". Each bookshelf often contains information about their province, yet you can often find regular books as well for some people have taken to donating their favorite book to these shelves.

Today the Plaza de España mainly consists of Government buildings. The central government departments, with sensitive adaptive redesign, are located within it. The Plaza's tiled Alcoves of the Provinces are backdrops for visitors' portrait photographs, taken in their own home province's alcove. Towards the end of the park, the grandest mansions from the fair have been adapted as museums. The farthest contains the city's archaeology collections. The main exhibits are Roman mosaics and artefacts from nearby Italica.

The Plaza de España has been used as a filming location, including scenes for the 1962 film Lawrence of Arabia. The building was used as a location in the Star Wars movie series Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002) — in which it featured in exterior shots of the City of Theed on the Planet Naboo.[5] It also featured in the 2012 film The Dictator.

The plaza was used as a set for the video of Simply Red's song Something Got Me Started.

Source: Wikipedia

de tapitas

Take a Tapas tour and learn about a very important aspect of the lives of people from Seville, that is its food as a means of socialization. When Sevillians go out at night they go “de tapitas” which means passing from one tavern to another to taste some of the many tapas, queens of the Spanish gastronomy.
The tapa is a small portion of food and is usually accompanied by a “cerveza” (beer) or a “manzanilla” or “fino” (the famous sherry wines of Jerez de la Frontera area) .

Sponsors, Sponsoring, Exhibition

For a list of sponsorships suggestions in a broad range of budgets

download this file.

If you have other needs please contact us. Early deciders enjoy a longer visibility!


The congress programme brochure will be distributed electronically in spring 2019 (several thousand copies) and posted globally. Then again distributed in a printed version during the congress . 4/4 colour, full page advertisements can be placed. See details and conditions here.


The congress center offers space for a table top exhibition within the poster and coffee break area. Please follow this link for details, registration information, floor plans and confirmed exibitors.

Scientific Committee

Name: Noelia Aldai
Email: noelia.aldai@ehu.eus
Affiliation: Universidad del País Vasco
Associated topic: Lipids in Animal Science /
Cured Hams and Processed
Country: Spain

Name: Sonia Ventanas
Email: sanvenca@unex.es
Affiliation: University of Extremadura
Associated topic: Lipids in Animal Science /
Cured Hams and Processed
Country: Spain

Name: Uwe T. Bornscheuer
Email: bornsche@uni-greifswald.de
Affiliation: E.-M.-Arndt-Universität Greifwald
Associated topic: Bioscience and Biotechnology
Country: Germany

Name: Francesco Visioli
Email: francesco.visioli@unipd.it
Affiliation: University of Padova
Associated topic: Health and Nutrition
Country: Italy

Name: Eduardo López-Huertas
Email: eduardo.lopezhuertas@eez.csic.es
Affiliation: Estación Experimental del Zaidín - CSIC
Associated topic: Health and Nutrition
Country: Spain

Name: Anna Nicolaou
Email: anna.nicolaou@manchester.ac.uk
Affiliation: The University of Manchester
Associated topic: Analytical, Authenticity
and Lipidomics
Country: United Kingdom

Name: Diego L. García-González
Email: dlgarcia@ig.csic.es
Affiliation: Instituto de la Grasa - CSIC
Associated topic: Analytical, Authenticity
and Lipidomics
Country: Spain

Name: Fatima Paiva-Martins
Email: mpmartin@fc.up.pt
Affiliation: University of Porto
Associated topic: Lipid Oxidation, Deep-frying
and Antioxidants
Country: Portugal

Name: Maria Tsimidou
Email: tsimidou@chem.auth.gr
Affiliation: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Associated topic: Lipid Oxidation, Deep-frying
and Antioxidants
Country: Greece

Name: Robert Wolff
Email: Robert.Wolff@sintef.no
Affiliation: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture
Associated topic: Marine and Algae Lipids
Country: Norway

Name: Isabel Medina
Email: medina@iim.csic.es
Affiliation: Marine Research Institute - CSIC
Associated topic: Marine and Algae Lipids
Country: Spain

Name: Maria del Pino Perez Alvarez-Castellanos
Affiliation: Universidad Católica de Ávila
Associated topic: Oleochemistry and Biofuels
Country: Spain

Name: Amaya Igartua
Email: aigartua@tekniker.es
Affiliation: Tekniker
Associated topic: Oleochemistry and Biofuels
Country: Spain

Name: Tullia Gallina Toschi
Email: tullia.gallinatoschi@unibo.it
Affiliation: University of Bologna
Associated topic: Olive Oil
Country: Italy

Name: Giuseppe Fregapane
Email: Giuseppe.Fregapane@uclm.es
Affiliation: University of Castilla-La Mancha
Associated topic: Olive Oil
Country: Spain

Name: Javier Sánchez Perona
Email: perona@ig.csic.es
Affiliation: Instituto de la Grasa - CSIC
Associated topic: Health and Nutrition
Country: Spain

Name: Críspulo Gallegos
Email: Crispulo.Gallegos-Montes@fresenius-kabi.com
Affiliation: Fresenius-Kabi
Associated topic: Physical Chemistry/
Lipids in Pharmaceutical Chemistry*
Country: Germany

Name: Frédéric Domergue
Email: frederic.domergue@u-bordeaux.fr
Affiliation: CNRS – University of Bordeaux
Associated topic: Plant and Synthetic Lipids
Country: France

Name: Leonardo Velasco-Varo
Email: lvelasco@ias.csic.es
Affiliation: Institute for Sustainable Agriculture - CSIC
Associated topic: Plant and Synthetic Lipids
Country: Spain

Name: Wim De Greyt
Email: dgw@desmetgroup.com
Affiliation: Desmet Ballestra Group
Associated topic: Processing and Sustainability
Country: Belgium

Name: María Victoria Ruiz-Méndez
Email: mvruiz@ig.csic.es
Affiliation: Instituto de la Grasa - CSIC
Associated topic: Processing and Sustainability
Country: Spain

Name: Ahmad Kushairi Din
Email: kushairi@mpob.gov.my
Affiliation: Malaysian Palm Oil
Associated topic: Palm Oil
Country: Malaysia

Name: María T. Morales
Email: tmorales@us.es
Affiliation: University of Sevilla
Associated topic: Speciality Oils, Lipids in Novel Foods,
and Bio-active Products
Country: Spain

Name: Enrique Martínez Force
Email: emforce@ig.csic.es
Affiliation: Instituto de la Grasa - CSIC
Associated topic: Plant and Synthetic Lipids
Country: Spain

Name: Eckhard Flöter
Email: eckhard.floeter@tu-berlin.de
Affiliation: Technische Universität Berlin
Associated topic: Physical Chemistry
Country: Germany

Name: Ramón Aparicio-Ruiz
Email: aparicioruiz@us.es.
Affiliation: University of Sevilla
Associated topic: Specialty Oils, Lipids in Novel Foods and Bio-active Products
Country: Spain

Scientific Programme

The Scientific Programme of the 17th Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo is now available to be downloaded. Simply click on the programme cover and download.

Remember to register before 02 September to take advantage of the Early Bird Registration fee.

We are looking forward to three exciting days of Oils, Fats and Lipids with the following Award Lectures, Keynote Lectures, the many contributed lectures and poster presentations. Submissions for poster presentations is still open.




Thank you to "International Olive Council" for sponsoring the session Olive Oil and Health.



Keynote Lectures:

We are happy to confirm the following Keynote speakers:

Opening Lecture: Prof. Yolanda Sanz (IATA, Valencia, Spain)

Prof. Yolanda Sanz is an internationally renowned researcher with an extensive and innovative research on nutrition. Her research is focused on the functionality of intestinal microbiota and its genome in the interactions of several family of nutrients, lipids among them, and their effect on several pathologies. Among other merits, she is the coordinator of a relevant European Project, Mynewgut, which is the major project on Human microbiome in Europe. All in all, she has a relevant knowledge of the role of lipids in human nutrition with an innovative perspective of a global diet and health implications. She is currently a member in the Nutrition, Dietetic Products and Allergies (NDA) expert panel in EFSA.

Analytical, Authenticity and Lipidomics

J.K. Beekman
Analysis and Occurrence of MCPD and Glycidyl Esters: Current Research Activities at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

BioScience and Technology

M. Subileau
Lipases/Acyltransferases: Functional Singularities and Potential for Transesterification and Epoxidation Applications

Health and Nutrition

F. Visioli
Healthful Oils: Fatty Acids and Minor Components

Lipid Oxidation, Deep-frying and Antioxidants

C. Bravo-Diaz
Improving the Antioxidant Efficiency in Oil-in-Water Emulsions by Targeting Antioxidants to Interfaces

Lipids in Animal Science

H. Enomoto
Application of Mass Spectrometry Imaging to Lipid Analysis of Meats

Marine and Algae Lipids

F. Domergue
Novel Plastidial Cytochrome-b5 Fused-fatty Acid Desaturases from Ostreococcus tauri

J.C.Y. Lee
Monitoring of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid and Oxidative Stress Levels of Marine Species: In the Water to our Table

Oleochemistry and Biofuel

A. Igartua
Tribology of Biolubricants and Biofuels

Palm Oil

G.K.A. Ghulam Kadir
Palm Oil, Commodity-led Growth: Recent Development and Challenges

Plant and Synthetic Lipids

F. Beaudoin
New Insights in the Composition of Wax and Sterol Esters in Common and Mutant Sunflower Oils Revealed by ESI-MS/MS

Abstract Topics

Topics for your abstract uploads:

  • Analytical, Authenticity and Lipidomics
  • Bioscience and Biotechnology
  • Cured Hams and Processed meats
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Lipid Oxidation, Deep-frying and Antioxidants
  • Lipids in Animal Science
  • Lipids in Pharmaceutical Formulations
  • Marine and Algae Lipids
  • Oleochemistry and Biofuels
  • Olive Oil
  • Palm Oil
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Plant and Synthetic Lipids
  • Processing and Sustainability
  • Speciality Oils, Lipids in Novel Foods, and Bio-active Products
  • Other Topics (posters only)

Abstract Upload


  • Lecture Abstracts: 15 May 2019
  • Poster Abstracts: 15 September 2019

1) Submission

Abstracts for poster or oral communications must be submitted in English via the online submission system below.

2) Preparation

Abstract text should not exceed 500 words (including footnotes) and must contain enough information for the reviewers to judge the originality and quality of the work.

Please follow the following guidelines to present your abstract and attach it as a .RTF file (see also this Model Abstract):

Affiliation address

Corresponding author
500 words
Arial, 12pt
left:2.5cm; right:2cm above/below:2cm
Surname, Names (initials) – speaker or poster presenter in bold
Include department, institution, and complete address, with the ZIP/postal code, for each author. Use superscripts to match authors with institutions.
indicate email of the corresponding author

The abstracts not accepted for oral presentations will be changed to poster presentations.

3) Poster instructions


Posters should be mounted on Sunday 20 October 2019 by 15:00 and should remain mounted during the entire time of the congress. Please remove your poster on Wednesday 23 October 2019 at 12:00. During the congress there will be designated poster sessions: Please be available for questions next to your poster during these times.

Size: The size of the poster wall is 90 cm Width and 110cm Height. (Portrait Style)
Please ensure that your poster does not exceed this size otherwise we will not be able to accommodate it.
We will take care of sufficient fixation material.

To display your poster, you will be given a number in the abstract e-book.

Registration fees/ Cancellation policies

Please print out the Registration form (download) and send it to our office.

Some informatins about special options:

Visit to Instituto de la Grasa (IG-CSIC) and Olive Oil Tasting Session

IG-CSIC is an international reference in lipid research. We are proud to show the labs and facilities in our brand new building. The visit will take place on October 20th in the morning and it will include a tour and an olive oil tasting session. It will be an opportunity to know how virgin olive oil should be tasted and to distinguish different olive oil flavours and sensory notes. Please, note that there are limited number of attendees for this activity and the participants will be appointed in order of registration.

Registration Fees
Status until 02 September 2019 after 02 September 2019
Member* 530 Euro 595 Euro
Non-Member 595 Euro 660 Euro
Student Member with poster
(proof needed)**
160 Euro 195 Euro
Other Students
(proof needed)**
195 Euro 230 Euro

* Euro Fed Lipid or Euro Fed Lipid Member Associations
  ** The student status is granted to undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. students. Please provide a suitable proof of your student status with the registration (e.g. copy of the student card, confirmation of the institute or similar).

Registration fees are Tax exempt according to Art. 20.Uno.14 Ley IVA (Spanish VAT Law)
Congress dinner is subject to 10% VAT according to Art. 20.Uno.14 Ley IVA (Spanish VAT Law) – for all delegates.

  The registration fee includes: 
  • Entry to the scientific programme, poster session and Table Top Exhibition
  • e-Book of Abstracts
  • List of Participants
  • Free access to the opening mixer
  • Coffee Break snacks and beverages
  • Lunch wrap/sandwich with beverage (Monday and Tuesday only)

After registration you will receive an invoice.

Paying by Bank Transfer:

Please transfer the total fees (free of bank commission) to:

Euro Fed Lipid e.V.
Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt/ Main
Account No. 2401 610 00
BLZ 500 700 24 (Routing Number)
IBAN DE 71 500 700 240 240 1610 00

Please quote your reference number.


Paying by Credit Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX

Please note that your participation is not guaranteed until the registration fee has been paid.
Thus make sure to pay in advance.
We reserve the right to refuse access to the congress until full payment has been received.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be in writing and are effective after written confirmation by Euro Fed Lipid. Cancellations received on or before 2 September will be refunded minus a 50 Euro processing fee. 
After that date until 01 October 2019, the cancellation fee is 100 Euro. There will be no refund for cancellations after 01 October 2019 or No-Shows. However, substitute participants can be named anytime without costs.

If the congress is cancelled for whatever reason, paid fees will be refunded. Further recourse is excluded.


Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Hotel

The Congress takes places at the

Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Hotel
Isla de la Cartuja, 41092 Seville
Phone: +34 95 446 22 22
Fax: +34 95 4460428
Email: renacimiento.res@barcelo.com

The Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento hotel is an iconic hotel in Seville thanks to its original architecture and interior design, built in the style of the prestigious Guggenheim Museum of New York—it captivates guests from the very first glance.

Located in Seville on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, this hotel is perfectly situated for business trips and city breaks alike. There is a bus stop and taxi rank outside the hotel, or, just a pleasant 20-minute walk away, over La Barqueta bridge with spectacular views of the city, lies Alameda de Hércules, one of the city’s fashionable districts with bars and restaurants. From there, it is just a short stroll to historical sites such as the Cathedral, the Giralda tower, the Alcázar Palace and the Santa Cruz neighbourhood.


The Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Hotel is the official congress hotel.

The 5-star hotel offers the following rooms:
  • Double Room (Single occupancy) € 130,00 per night
  • Double Room (Double occupancy) € 145,00 per night

10% VAT not included
BUFFET Breakfast included

  • The total amount of your booking must be paid directly at the hotel.

  • Cancellation made more than 59 day(s) in advance: 0 €
  • Between 29 and 59 day(s): 2 nights
  • Cancellation made less than 29 day(s) in advance: 100% of total amount of the booking

  • No shows shall be charged the amount corresponding to 100% of the total booking.

Please send this reservation request duly filled to the Reservations Department of the
Tlf: +34 954 46 22 22
Fax: +34 954 460 428
e-mail: sevillarenacimiento.res@barcelo.com

The Hotel has an allotment of rooms for this congress. This allotment will be held until 15th July 2019. Any request received after this date will be confirmed on availability basis.


By Air

San Pablo International Airport

Trans-European connections Seville Airport, located ten kilometres to the north-west of the city, saw its greatest expansion in 1992 when, with the celebration of the Universal Exposition, a new terminal was built, the apron was enlarged, a new access from the N-IV Highway was opened and a new control tower was built to the south of the runway.

San Pablo International Airport Website

Congress Dinner

The Congress Dinner takes place at the

Abades Triana

Calle Betis, 69
41010 Sevilla
Phone: +34 954 28 64 59

Date: Tuesday, 22 October 2019
Time: 19:30pm
Price: 70€ per person + VAT

Reservations are essential.

Abades Triana is located on Betis Street in Seville, next to the Guadalquivir River and in front of the Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold), in the popular Triana neighborhood.

Its spectacular panoramic window in the main dining room makes it the perfect enclave to see the river as a protagonist and take in the views of the Torre del Oro, the Giralda, and the Maestranza.

The restaurant’s most outstanding feature is its glass structure, which allows for total integration with the magical environment provided by the city of Seville.

At the culinary level, their excellent kitchen where the creativity of “Andalusian Avant-garde Cuisine,” is led by the chef Elías del Toro, delights the most demanding palates. A cuisine that fuses the most advanced techniques with Andalusian culinary traditions.

Scientific Tour

Visit to Instituto de la Grasa (IG-CSIC) and Olive Oil Tasting Session

IG-CSIC is an international reference in lipid research. We are proud to show the labs and facilities in our brand new building. The visit will take place on October 20th in the morning and it will include a tour and an olive oil tasting session. It will be an opportunity to know how virgin olive oil should be tasted and to distinguish different olive oil flavours and sensory notes. Please, note that there are limited number of attendees for this activity and the participants will be appointed in order of registration.


Seville is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia and the province of Seville, Spain. It is situated on the plain of the river Guadalquivir. The inhabitants of the city are known as hispalenses, after the Roman name of the city, Hispalis. Seville has a municipal population of about 690,000 as of 2016, and a metropolitan population of about 1.5 million, making it the fourth-largest city in Spain and the 30th most populous municipality in the European Union. Its Old Town, with an area of 4 square kilometres (2 sq mi), contains three UNESCOWorld Heritage Sites:

  • The Alcázar palace complex,
  • The Cathedral and
  • The General Archive of the Indies.

The Seville harbour, located about 80 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, is the only river port in Spain. Seville is also the hottest major metropolitan area in the geographical Southwestern Europe, with summer average high temperatures of above 35 °C (95 °F).

Seville was founded as the Roman city of Hispalis. It later became known as Ishbiliyya after the Muslim conquest in 712. During the Muslim rule in Spain, Seville came under the jurisdiction of the Caliphate of Córdoba before becoming the independent Taifa of Seville; later it was ruled by the Muslim Almoravids and the Almohads until finally being incorporated into the Christian Kingdom of Castile under Ferdinand III in 1248.[3]After the discovery of the Americas, Seville became one of the economic centres of the Spanish Empire as its port monopolised the trans-oceanic trade and the Casa de Contratación (House of Trade) wielded its power, opening a Golden Age of arts and literature. In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan departed from Seville for the first circumnavigation of the Earth. Coinciding with the Baroque period of European history, the 17th century in Seville represented the most brilliant flowering of the city's culture; then began a gradual economic and demographic decline as silting in the Guadalquivir forced the trade monopoly to relocate to the nearby port of Cádiz.


Terms and Conditions

No one may display products or literature anywhere throughout the meeting facilities except exhibiting companies, who may do so only from their assigned spaces, or confirmed sponsors within the limitations of the sponsoring contract. Any exceptions to this policy must be obtained in advance from Euro Fed Lipid.

Firms or organizations not listed in the list of sponsors and/or exhibitors will not be permitted to solicit business. No advertising circulars, catalogs, folders, or devices shall be distributed in the aisles, meeting rooms, or registration area.

Please note that no photos or video recordings are permitted in lecture halls during presentations.

Downloads / Deadlines


  • Lecture Abstracts: 15 May 2019
  • Poster Abstracts: 15 September 2019
  • Exhibition: First Come - First Serve
  • Early Bird Registrations: 02 September 2019

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