11th Workshop on Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstock for the Chemical Industry

The environmentally sound and sustainable use of natural resources is an important worldwide challenge. At present, fats and oils are the most widely used renewable raw materials in the chemical industry, since they offer widespread possibilities for different applications. The Workshop on “Fats and oils as renewable feedstock for the chemical industry” has evolved to a major global oleochemical meeting, attracting participants from all over the world. Important contributions to the workshop have been documented in special issues of European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. The 11th Workshop “Fats and Oils as Renewable Feedstock for the Chemical Industry” will discuss new developments as well as future perspectives of the chemical usage of fats and oils, including terpenes. Presentations from industry representatives will show the progress in introducing renewable materials to the market.


The workshop in Dortmund will cover the following topics (amongst others):

➢ Chemistry of fats and oils & other renewable resources
Synthesis of fine chemicals
Monomer / Polymer synthesis
Introducing renewable materials to the market


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