Fireside chat: From Ground Breaking Discovery to Market Leader

Dear Colleagues,

We cordially invite you to our inaugural fireside chat with Mark Matlock, a pioneer and inventor in lipid science. Innovations are key drivers for the success of all organizations – industrial, academic, and governmental. They are also key for the prosperity of a society. So how to achieve and identify groundbreaking discoveries? What are the emerging innovations in lipid science? How to transfer lab results to the market? How to become a market leader?

Make yourself comfortable and participate in a fireside chat with Mark Matlock, a renowned entrepreneur and scientist. Get insights from the revolutionary inventor/developer of OSI and enzymatic interesterifications, who transformed inventions into commercial success. Learn about Mark’s challenges, motivations, and the decisions that shaped his career. Mark has mentored many scientists, and will eagerly answer your questions.

The event is open to all who are interested in turning science into business with an impact on society.

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