Four associations in Europe, concerned with Fats, Oils and Lipids, announced the foundation of a European Federation on 9 October 2000 in Würzburg during the joint meeting of DGF and AFECG. 

The Constitutive General Assembly and 1st General Assembly took place 19 September 2001 in Berlin.

Since then, Euro Fed Lipid has grown to a federation of 13 associations, representing 2000 members.

Milestones: The Development Of Euro Fed Lipid


18 September 2011: The European Section of the American Oils Chemist’s Society (AOCS) joins as Institutional Member.


21. November: The Turkish Lipid Group YABITED joins as Institutional Member


1 April 2009: The Euro Fed Lipid Board decides to set up a full structure of scientific divisions.


Summer 2006: The Italian SISSG (Societá Italiana per lo Studio delle Sostanze Grasse) joins as institutional member.     

4th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, “Oils, Fats and Lipids for a Healthier Future”, 1-4 October 2006, Madrid, Spain, 834 delegates from 53 countries, 450 poster presentations. Division “Olive Oil” founded.


June 2004 GERLI, the “Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Lipides et les Lipoprotéins” from France joins in as institutional member. 

3rd Euro Fed Lipid Congress, “Oils, Fats and Lipids in a Changing World”, 5.-8. September 2004 Edinburgh, Scotland. The European Young Lipid Scientists Award is presented for the first time. Division “Lipids in Animal Science” founded. Euro Fed Lipid is legally reorganised as Non-Profit Organisation under German law.


July 2003: The Nordic Forum for Lipid Research and Technology (Lipidforum) joins as institutional member.

August 2003: The Greek Lipidforum joins as institutional member.

12-15 October 2003: The 25th ISF world congress in Bordeaux is co-hosted by Euro Fed Lipid. The first division on “Plant Lipids” is established.


1 January 2002: The Euro Fed Lipid headquarters starts work in Frankfurt in conjunction with the DGF headquarters.       

12 June 2002: The Hungarian METE joins as institutional member

2nd Euro Fed Lipid congress “Managing Oils and Fats Supplies for Human Needs”, 6-8 November 2002, Strasbourg, France. The European Lipid Science Award and the European Lipid Technology Award are presented for the first time.


26 April 2001: Meeting in Hull. The statutes are finalized. Preparation of the second Euro Fed Lipid congress.

18 September 2001: The working Group “Fats, Detergents and Cosmetic Chemistry” of the Czech Chemical Society and the Polish Food Technologists Society, Oils & Fats Section join as institutional member.

6 October 2001: Publication of the foundation in the official journal of the French republic. With this act the foundation of Euro Fed Lipid is finalized. Legally it is a French organization based in Neuilly-sur-Seine.


21 June 2000: Meeting in Bonn. Discussion of a work plan and budget considerations. A staffed headquarters is essential.

Joint International Congress and Expo: Lipids, Fats and Oils: Opportunities and Responsibilities in the New Century, (First Euro Fed Lipid Congress) 8-10 October 2000, Würzburg, Germany.

9 October 2000: official announcement of foundation during the joint congress of DGF and AFECG in Würzburg, which is declared to be the first Euro Fed Lipid congress. Founding members are AFECG, DGF, SCI Oils and Fats group and the Dutch Oils & Fats group in co-operation with KNCV. A constitutive board is formed.

1998 - 1999

4 November 1998, Münster: Preliminary talks between the AFECG and DGF president about a European Federation.

2 June 1999: Meeting in Göttingen, representatives from D, F, GB and NL. A draft constitution was discussed and developed. The “European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology” (Wiley-VCH) will be the official journal of the federation.

4 October 1999: Meeting in Brighton. Budget, Statutes.