17th Euro Fed Lipid Congress And Expo Seville 20 - 23 October 2019


It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 17th Euro Fed Lipid Congress (20-23 October 2019) that will take place in one of the most luminous and colourful cities in Europe, Sevilla. Since it is being held in 2019, at the door of the new decade and new research programmes, the congress has been named “Driving Science and Technology to New Horizons”. Then, it is time to rethink and to replan research into new projects and to identify new knowledge gaps that needs to be filled. Therefore by, interacting with others and exchanging viewpoints is the first step to initiate new ways, to open new lines, and why not, also to realize how relevant is our research findings for others and for solving society problems. How much our perspective is transformed when it is shared with others! Big projects have been possible due to friendship and trust, because there is not Science without personal interactions. And, honestly, face to face meetings are very much more rewarding than talking through new technologies.

The voyage of the ideas requires a travelling to catch up with colleagues, being Sevilla a perfect arena for hosting scientific and technological discussions on lipids, for showing the latest and the most innovative results, and for setting the basis for a New Horizon in Research.

Beyond the topics of the divisions of Euro Fed Lipid, we are featuring transversal sessions that underline the cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral, and cross-actor current researches. The congress will also pay attention to relationship between industry, academia and regulatory bodies and public administration through pre-scheduled B2B meetings. We encourage young researchers to display their results through special activities; e.g. 3MT® (3 Minutes Thesis).

Andalusia is famous for its excellent gastronomy supported by its high quality foods. After the congress, at the end of the day, do not forget that lipids become tasty when they come to gastronomy. Sevilla, being one of the most popular destinations in Europe, can be easily reached by planes and high-speed trains.

The congress organization warmly invite you to come to Sevilla and attend “your congress”.

Are you going to miss it?

Hans Christian Holm

Ramon Aparicio
Congress Chairperson

Diego Luis Garcia Gonzalez
Congress Chairperson

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